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Originally Posted by Iride01 View Post
Well don't get too frustrated at us. It's too hard to keep all the events together correctly from one post to the next. And again you are the "wacky human" of your thread title. Your experience is too far from anything I have known.

If you feel you've given GI doctors a fair shot and taken medicine for heartburn and reflux, then what about an allergist? Perhaps is there something you eat or drink that you are allergic to that inflames your esophagus? Or maybe something in your environment?

And then the fact you've mentioned your spouse has similar issues. Was there something up with what you both ate or drank several years ago? Does any other member of that event have similar?
I was only frustrated with being told I did not follow docs orders or did not go to them. I went to way to many of them I even changed insurance plans to try a higher quality group. I talked to a allergist and when this first started it was more of an allergic reaction but now its just intolerance and there is no treatment for it yet. carbs are my biggest enemy and I really need to totally eliminate them. but my diet is so restricted I will eat a little just for variety. but I eat far less then I used too and even time I eat them now they just make me more and more tired.
I talked to 4 or 5 GI doctors. they have been the worst about listening to my food intolerances. I talked to a surgeon and he was really good to talk to and did not recommend getting my hearia fixed.
I think I just get frustrated with my food limits and How food effects me. Travel is almost impossible as trying to find food I can eat the I don't cook is really hard. but careful eating is the only thing that makes me feel good. I have gotten far better about controlling what I eat but it is still very easy to mess up. I have to spend way too much money on food. decent meat is expensive and I cant extend it or season it. half a pound of different cheeses a day gets expensive too. 3# or more of bacon a week is about the cheapest part of my diet. I bet I spend 40.00 or more on cheese a week.
what bothers me most is I spend so much on food that I don't really enjoy eating. food anymore I have to eat and I cant eat food that makes me happy without paying a price for it. I am worried that my high protein diet is going to harm me in the long run.

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