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Originally Posted by spelger View Post
according to strava the more accurate elevation data from devices come from those with barometric altitude sensors. this barometric altitude data is added to their elevation data base. when i upload via CycleMeter on my samsung phone with no barometric elevation there is a difference between the .fit file i download from strava (original from CycleMeter) and the adjusted .gpx file. see the following...

i think if you have a device with a barometric sensor that will be about the best you can achieve. the pressure won't change so much during a ride that it would be off by any noticeable amount.

Then why, as I mentioned before, after a group ride with everyone using a Garmin Edge, does everyone report different figures for elevation gain, and considerable differences of as much as several hundred feet? Why because these teeny altimeters aren't particularly accurate, nor are they temperature compensated. It could be down to which wall you leaned your bike against during the coffee stop. Who knows. Direct uploads from the Garmin device to websites shows the exact number displayed on the Garmin. However, a recalc on RWGPS using geodata will show the same result for everyone.
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