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so it seems chocolate will make me tired even with no sugar. but my body reacts to very few carbs now. not sure how low it is but It may be less then 50 calories from carbs. I feel sluggish when I ride if I eat much of any carbs or chocolate. I wish I knew why my body has so much of ap problem with carbs. but the more I eat the more sensitive my body becomes to them. I wish I could find out why but no doctor has any ideas. all my research it may be that my food intolerance that causes me to have to strictly control what I eat like hardly any veggies and food so low fiber may cause carbs to be absorbed too fast and have a lot larger impact. my nutritionist though that maybe my body converts excess protein into glucose and maybe my body gets as much as it can handle from that and anything more becomes a problem. Plus since if I have anything with carbs its simple cabs because I cant tolerate anything that has complex carbs.

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