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Originally Posted by Moisture View Post
Title says it all. What does your consist of? What do you avoid?

Ever since I began weight lifting, my diet started to change very gradually.

At first i would prep large meals and started eating twice as much. Then I slowly began cutting out foods which I think are unhealthy (my body simply began to reject them) until one day, I realized that I sort of became a picky eater...

My diet consists of too much meat (should definitely try to cut down)

-psuedo grains such as buckwheat, millet, amaranth, quinoa, Teff, sorghum etc etc

-Beans and legumes

-lots of nuts and seeds

-Fruits and veggies particularly spinach and kale which is loaded with nutrients.

in the last year I've just about entirely cut out stuff such as rice, pasta, non black bread, most types of dairy, and sugary stuff including fruit juices etc.

I'm a big fan of goats milk and goat cheese, but thats about it for dairy. With GMO being so common these days, stuff like rice pasta and regular store bread is so devoid of nutrition and simply downright disgusting. I don't mind a little bit of Asian rice here and there, but very rarely and only in small portions. I've cut out take out and dine ins almost entirely.

I have to admit, nothing like some real homemade bread. Though. That's what I miss the most.

As for sweets, I just don't get that same craving and rush from eating it like I used to. Other than occasional dark chocolate, and once in a blue moon, a good dessert, I pretty much completely avoid sugar with zero issues. I actually found some of those Dutch caramel filled toasted waffles in my cupboard the other day. Had to be the first time I've enjoyed an actual dessert in a very, very long time. Even then the package will last me almost 2 months and I will only eat it with some nuts as the sugar helps me digest more.
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