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I've been eating an ovo-lacto-pisco-vegetarian diet for over 50 years and almost all organic. So far, so good. We don't eat meat. This is basically a meatless version of the Med diet. Can we postulate that this has been well-tested? We eat a lot of WW bread. Now that we're retired, it's all home made. We use some sugar, mostly before workouts, sometimes after. We use sugar in the deserts we make for when we have company, back in the day when we could. I'm trying to drink more milk, though we go through a fair bit of yogurt. Almost no alcohol. We eat all the carbs: rice, wheat, oats, barley, etc. We do the plate thing: 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 carbs, 1/4 protein. Not that way, but we combine things to get about those proportions in our daily diet.

We get a good bit of protein in our diet, though we have to supplement with whey protein to recover from daily workouts. The meat-eating thing would be different if we had to chase it down and kill it with a spear, but we don't do that. We don't believe in the meat fairy. Otherwise, we eat a wide variety of foods - variety is healthy.

We've been gym members since 1979, trying to lift once or twice a week. Now that they're closed, we use dumbbells at home. Otherwise, we ride, including a tandem, ski, hike, backpack, walk, and even sometimes run. Other than my wife's asthma, which has steadily been getting better for these 47 years, neither of us have had a serious illness, broken any bones, etc. I had some sciatica this past summer, but exercised it away. My BMI is 23.5.
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