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Looking for a newer bike

So I've been riding a 2014 Giant Revel for a while now, and realizing maybe I want a little better. Rather than just picking a bike, I'd rather ask a few questions first.

I'm into trail riding, nothing too intense, not into scaling rocks or boulders. I'm looking for a bike that can handle the impact of a jump without the front suspension bottoming out, or the entire fork breaking. I also want a bike that's stable on offroad terrain at higher speeds. I don't want to worry about eating dirt because of catastrophic failure.

I'm pretty sure I want front and back disc brakes..seems to be the better way to go vs your typical cantilever brakes.

As far as suspension, full, would be nice, but I'm finding they tend to be a little more expensive than a hardtail. That being said, I'm not opposed to a hardtail either. Familiarity with the ride is a good thing.

Back to the forks: It seems most of the reviews of the SR Suntour line of forks seem to suggest that they are unfavorable for the type of riding I like. Unfortunately, most of the bikes I've ever considered seem to all have sone version of SR Suntour forks. Am I misinformed about their products?

And finally, budget. I certainly don't want or expect "cheap" by any means. But any more than $700 is out of my budget. Used bikes are acceptable as long as they don't seem thrashed, so I often skim the local ads.

Thoughts? TIA!!!
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