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Originally Posted by fooferdoggie View Post
ok I need to tell you about my wacky body as it is not even close to normal.

first I can't eat carbs of any kind but in tiny amounts. they cause a lot of problems the worst is a lifetime of heartburn really bad heart burn. like your worst heartburn 24/7 for years heart burn. Also they cause me to gain weight even if I cut calories say if I ate a candy bar I would gain 2 pounds the next day and it would take all week to loose that weight. if I do it twice in a week I wont loose it at all. [...]
I can comment on this part where you say carbs will make you gain weight and it taking a week to loose again.

Not all weight is the same, there is muscle, fat and water. Most likely you are worried with loosing fat and if you are weighing your self daily, you should know a bit about how water weight fluctuates such that it does not lead you to the wrong conclusions.

Simply spoken, when you eat carbs this is stored in your body as glycogen and when that storage is full it will be stored as fat. That glycogen storage can weigh a few kg as it also contains a lot of water. This is the weight increase decrease you are seeing when you eat more carbs than average after a period of low carb, it is just that storage filling up and then getting depleted again as you go back to low carb.

So don't confuse this with your ultimate goal, which is loosing weight from fat. Short term quick fluctuations in weight are mostly water weight and will net out over time since you can not keep loosing water. While weight loss from fat can be seen as the longer term trend in weight loss and occurs if you maintain a calorie deficit over a long period of time regardless of carb consumption.
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