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Originally Posted by telebianchi View Post
  • Keeping up with friends: When I'm riding solo, I just simply have fun on the single-speed. But when doing group rides I am almost always at the far back as the people with multiple gears and full-suspension are pulling away from me. This includes people who are newer to riding trails and probably not as skilled as I am. But on, say, a flat gravel section they hit their 30x10 gearing and are gone while I am close to being spun out. Make that any sort of downhill slope and it's even worse. What's funny, though, is that on uphills I have to stay back because the geared bikes are all spinning away in low gears at speeds lower than I am able to ride. More than a few times I've had to stop because I was about to run into somebody's rear tire on hills that I regularly clear without issue.. Of course once I've stopped I often can't get started again and therefore have to walk to the next flattish section. But this adds to my lagging behind even when it's not really my fault
Yeah, riding with geared bikes when you are on SS can be tricky. My issue was not that I was slower but that I was often just going a different speed. I'd spin out and fall behind on some DHs, but in rolling terrain, I would often be trying to keep up my momentum and going faster than the others. Also, there are times when you have no choice but to go as hard as you can because that is the only way to keep the cranks turning. So while everyone else if grinding up a hill at a moderate pace, you have no choice but to hammer as hard as you can in a much higher gear. On some climbs I was not sure whether to get in the front or the back, because I was going to either smoke everyone up the hill, or end up walking.

I loved the saying that SS is actually 3 speeds: Sitting, Standing, and Walking.
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