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Originally Posted by mr_pedro View Post
I don't know much about your medical condition. I did come by the carnivore diet, which is advised to people that are very intolerant to plants. And it can also be used to then slowly introduce plants in the diet to see what works.

I also just noticed you wrote in the first post that you can't get into ketosis. That is to be expected if you are eating mostly protein with little fat and little carbs.
Protein also causes an insulin spike that prevents ketosis. So for a ketogenic diet you need high fat / moderate protein / low carb

see for example here: https://www.ruled.me/too-much-protein-bad-for-ketosis/
I am a little better on fats but not like most people do when they go low carb. I cant use pol or mayo or such it hurts my esophagus too much. I can do veggies 3 or 4 times a week as long as they are low carb veggies, .like zucchini cucumbers green beans and such. I had a small jar of kimchi today with lunch. it sure made me feel full longer then just my usual meat and cheese lunch did. but when I eat carbs it really slows me down. or any food I really react too. like chocolate even if unsweetened. wy wife started having the same issue with chocolate before I did now I do too. but I think it was because I had the unsweetened chocolate almond milk every day. with me either I can eat it every day or I cant. small amounts over. time does not make a difference. like the chocolate almond milk was fine for a few months but it was slowly weakening me.overall I am doing better then I have in years. thats mostly cutting out the carbs and really paying attention to what bothers me. having my esophagus get so bad hs helped because it hurts so much the nI eat much carbs it makes me control them better.
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