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Originally Posted by asgelle View Post

FTP was never lab-based.[/QUOTE

I did not say that. It referred to whatever threshold (lab based or field based) you were using as a fundamental parameter of your training at that time.

Here is an interesting question. Assume the impossible where someone came up with a thermometer that would measure in 20 seconds either your ftp or your LT (precise definition of your choice). Which would be the better metric on which to base your training in the manner that we do today with power meters and ftp? I truly do not have an opinion - at least for well trained athletes.

There are countless arguments about which is the best metric but at the end of the day you still have to go out and do the work and raise whatever it is your measuring. The precise definition is immaterial provided you use the same method consistently so you can track performance and the efficacy of a particular training regimen. FTP, MLSS, CP are all very close to one another.
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