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Originally Posted by gsa103 View Post
Flow and berm type trails are good step towards drops and things like that. I'm not talking a full bike park, but they let you practice popping off a lip and body positioning in a very controlled setting. They also get you more comfortable with the higher speed and momentum that are very helpful for rocky stuff.

And my lesson from this weekend, if you're having trouble getting something, stop and really look at the trail and consider the line. I was struggling with an uphill rock garden. Once I got off and put the bike down, and looked more closely, I realized I was taking the wrong line. I was picking a line that was initially cleaner but put you into a boulder near the upper part. Taking the initially more difficult path set up for a clean pass.
Good call! I remember on an up and over type of rock feature, I told myself out loud on a few failed attemps "next time try 1 or two gears higher, aim for the scat pile on the left, then hard right" LOL

The bike park near my house has a great mix of everything, including ramps to practice drops. I am pretty consistent on the ramps (they're just straight planks that drop off in to nothing, not a jump but like a flat ramp to practice drops) but nervous to put it all together on a real trail when the landings aren't as obvious and there may be another feature to set up for immediately!
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