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Originally Posted by 70sSanO View Post
That looks like a head tube for a 1” steerer tube. Around the mid-90’s they went to 1-1/8”. And today just about everything is 1-1/2 tapered.

I usually hate using the term impossible, but finding a decent used suspension fork with a 1” steerer is about as close as you can get. Early Rockshox (Mag, Quadra) were made in 1”. Other mfg’s also, but many were not very good.

The only 1” I would consider, that you might run across, is a Marzocchi. There were a few years where Marzocchi made a fork crown with a removable steerer tube. This means you could swap out the steerer. Really tough to find a Marzocchi 1” steerer. Up to 10 years ago, RST made 1” steel steerer that would work, but equally as tough to find these days.


Edit added: If you do look for an older Marzocchi fork, stay away from the early XC (500/700) forks. Z series (2, 3) are fine.
it is 11/ many options.. saw new old stock zokes. on ebay. $120.

would work but not sure the investment as this is just my FU bike...if i decide i want steel mtb..i will get modern bike. cost benefits i am debating...i enjoy the bike but heavy...
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