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Originally Posted by 63rickert View Post
I am not providing a link to something you just invented. Rubiksoval came up with three hour warmups. I never suggested any such thing.

Why warmup for a training ride? Shall I also explain why the sun rises in the east?

I can can tell you why club rides mostly abandoned warmups. They used to be all open rides. And every ride started with a warmup. When riding bike had periods of popularity large numbers of goofballs would show up at the start and cause all sorts of mischief. The response was to start the ride at 30mph and slough off the deadwood. It has been so long since organized rides had a warmup it now seems odd. Plenty of the fast guys on those rides do a ride before the ride to be ready for the initial burst of speed.

Apparently no one here has ever raced, ever been around racing. Doesn’t prevent omniscience.
You haven't explained why Team Sky would feel the need to warmup before a training ride. You assume they lack the discipline to warmup as a group? The warm-up I posted is what they and the British Cycling Federation use before Time Trials.

Riders and physiologists have progressed from the days when riders would smoke cigarettes to 'open up the lungs'.

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