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If I counted distance, I could probably include my roller time because my roller's power curve seems very close to my outdoor power curve w/r to speed. But I don't. It does matter to some tiny extent how fast you go because that affects flywheel inertia. And some erg trainers do vary the resistance with speed, especially dropping below some critical speed. You might look that up as see if that's true of yours. If there is a critical lower speed, I'd say ride as close to it as is practical for steady-state work, to keep flywheel momentum down. Makes it harder, harder is good. One would probably have to ride an erg with a power meter to see what's really going on.

For time, I think in erg mode you can figure you get your training done in about 3/4 the time you'd spend outdoors doing it. Erg mode never eases off.
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