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Originally Posted by spelger View Post
i may have misunderstood what you were saying. certainly in ERG mode power is to be controlled at the target power level regardless of cadence. i thought you were inferring that speed would be the same and that is what i did not think was quite right...

by the way, does anyone know what ERG stands for? my search turns up ERG to be short for Ergometer. but what is that exactly? speedometer...speed, altimeter...altitude, tensiometer...tension, but what is the ERG in Ergometer? if i recall erg is a unit of energy but i though that was a unit for atomic scaled particles.
No, what I meant was that on a trainer in erg mode, "speed" would be a meaningless concept, because no matter what gear or cadence, the power output is the same. I haven't played around with the Wahoo ap for my Snap to know whether they do a power-based virtual speed calculation, like Zwift and others do, but Erg mode makes that meaningless anyhow.
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