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Disc brake pad longevity

Originally Posted by cxwrench View Post
Disc brake pads can last from 1 hour to more than a year. If you do a muddy/wet CX race they won't last the whole hour. If you only ride in the dry and don't descend much, they last for ages. I doubt your pads are nearly worn out unless it's been wet every ride. There are metallic compound pads that last longer but they're noisier and wear the rotors faster. I'd stay w/ the resin pads.
Comparing disc brake pad life to V brake pad life is pretty reasonable, they're actually pretty close.
Wow, I really like your input. The pads are warn down to about the thickness of paper, so I believe that it would be prudent to replace them. I definitely feel lucky that I checked them, as one more ride and I would think that they would have gone to the metal to metal stage.
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