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Originally Posted by CiscoKydd View Post
Sorry. I meant the headset bearings. I understand that cartridge bearings on the fork crown race use a split crown race. It just seems so much easier to work with. Am I wrong??
I gotta ask: why are you looking to use different bearings? is there anything wrong with the headset? If it is not causing problems, then just clean it, grease it, and leave it be. That is certainly the easiest thing to do.

But to answer your question:

Yes, I think cartridge bearing headsets are easier to deal with in general, but the difference is not huge. One advantage of cartridge bearings is that when they are shot, you just pull the old one out and plop in in a new one. You can leave the headset in the head-tube and the crown race (which is not technically a race) on the fork. With caged bearing headsets, if you let them go TOO far, the headtube race and the fork crown race may need to be pressed off and new ones pressed on. Split crowns are obviously much easier to install and remove, but not all headsets with cartridge bearings use them.

But again, you can't just use cartridge bearings in a headset that is designed for caged bearings, you need to use whatever bearings the headset is designed for.
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