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Originally Posted by Darth Lefty View Post
I also tried a helmet and instantly understood why chest is better.

Get a good camera. I was gifted an inexpensive camera a few years ago and it was fun to play with but the video quality was just junk compared to go-pros.

One thing I still haven't figured out is how to get youtube to play it back without being terribly compressed. It's supposed to feed you finer and finer versions after it's been uploaded for a while but it never did.

At the bottom left of the youtube screen is the settings cog icon. There you can change the playback quality. Sometimes it defaults to a lower setting. I think you can go into the settings when uploading and see what resolution is uploading. Bottom right of upload screen. But also, it depends on how you save your file and upload to YT. When I finish editing I always save my final copy as high def 1080p.

I have noticed a curious effect when editing. Movie maker takes my HD file from the GoPro and compresses it to work within the software. Then, when it finalizes the product it decompresses the files and sometimes there is an odd glitch that comes with it, usually a momentary slo mo effect. can't complain as MM is free software. People with Macs have a much better software with I Movie and now GP has its own too, but I still use MM because I know it so well.
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