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Originally Posted by prj71 View Post
The geometry on those bikes is horrendous as well for trail riding. Things have changed a bit in both components and geometry since 1990.

It's funny how people want to "mountain bike' and ride trails but never want to invest the money in the proper tool for the job.
Funny, how my Sears Free Spirit ten speed in the 70s worked ok on cow paths because the balloon tire bikes were too heavy. Or riding the gravel roads in rural Kansas where I grew up on that same bike, I guess I was cool before gravel was discovered (Hmm, maybe I should sue Dirty Kanza?). Or destroying rear wheels on 6' drops on non suspension MTBs back in the late 80s early 90s before suspension forks and bikes were AFFORDABLE... (Hint, large flange hubs and 4 cross spoke patterns stops MOST spoke breakage...)

I have no intention of riding serious gonzo trails, I'm too busted up to do that these days. But I can still enjoy riding easier trails with what I have. My 29er is an XL frame, might not be the most fashionable, but it is lighter than I expected. And works fine. My old Trek 7000 was fine for chasing my grandkids on a BMX track recently...

I was asking for opinions/advice on dropper posts, not full bikes...
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