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Originally Posted by Kapusta View Post
Come on, man. Just Google "Mountain Bike Endo" maybe add "crash" to the search.
I did try searching up bike endo first, didn't find much.. I understand now.

Well, from the perspective of how poised and balanced I feel on the bike currently, I wouldn't want my setup to be any different unless we are talking about more technical singletrack with rocky and rooty stuff. If were talking about quick flowy more XC related stuff, I dont think I'd be able to do any better than what I have now. With the addition of my 40mm stem, down from 60mm, I was able to slide my seat back roughly 8mm, so that I am still in a slightly leaning forward position without sacrificing that rear weight biased feeling I have been longing for.

If we are talking about something more technical which requires you to be frequently out of the saddle to navigate, I think I would need a combination of just a slightly longer stem paired with a slightly longer top tube so that I can slide my seat a bit more rear wards to get that stretched out position necessary for such terrain.

So until I experiment with some legitimate trail bikes, I think I'd be better off sticking to with some more mild trails...

because if I do simply opt for a longer stem, like 60mm or longer, I feel a bit too endo prone.
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