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Originally Posted by mack_turtle View Post

the answer is 100% subjective, so anyone's opinion has no bearing whatsoever on what will work best for you. all that matters is what works for you. experiment and settle on what gives you the most confidence. it's not difficult to reposition a lever like that, so try it one way, than another, and keep moving it until you find the right one.

IME, the vertical lever like that which I tried was never comfortable because I could never find a position that allowed my thumb to actuate it in a way that felt natural. IME, moving that lever around was fruitless. I replaced the one I had with a KS Southpaw, although there are many other "shifter style" levers that might be better. you might find a place that feels right, so give it a try. but if it just never feels right for you, you're not alone.
Good call, I honestly didn't know it was this style until it arrived. I had the seller throw it in as a package deal for a set of E13 rims. My other bike has a PNW Components Loam lever that's sideways like you describe, and adjustable reach so I can have it extended as far as I need it. We'll play around with it but it seems like levers are getting cheaper and cheaper and there's really not much to them. Not sure how PNW can charge $70 for one.
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