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Originally Posted by mack_turtle View Post
590 ETT and 400 reach is about what I would expect for a bike that would fit you with a drop bar. if you put a flat bar on a bike with dimensions like that, you're either going to end up with a cramped, upright position, or you'll need to put a longer stem on it to can do whatever you want, but there are good reasons why no one makes a bike that short with a flat bar in mind.

All City is making the Super Professional with dimensions like that in the 61cm size and building it with a flat bar. it looks like they are using a mtb-style wide handlebar and a pretty long stem to make that work. it might not be the bike for you, but the geometry and build could be a good starting point for inspiration.

you have to ask yourself: do you want something that fits and handles like a road bike with a flat bar, or do you want something that fits and handles like a mountain bike? there's a difference.
my current bike has a 580 ett and 390mm reach. Im using a 40mm stem. I don't feel cramped on it at all. It works perfectly for me with the seat slid almost all the way back.
Originally Posted by DMC707 View Post
Do you have a much shorter torso than leg length? With your height, there are not many bikes out there that are too big for you unless there are unique body dimensions to consider, or if you have a medical condition that dictates you ride completely upright
Well, im somewhere between 6ft2 and 6ft3, and my inseam is almost 35" so I think I do have a fairly short torso, although that seems to be about average for my height.

I am basing my preference for such a set up based not just on how comfortable I feel, but in terms of power trasnfer and overall rider balance while cornering and maneuvering.
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