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Originally Posted by prj71 View Post
With the money and time spent on this bike, I'm starting to think you could have purchased a better bike that wouldn't need any fixing.
I really want to respond to this.
As I said before, I am permanently disabled with a spine injury. I'm stuck at home all the time. I only go out to medical appointments. Whenever I leave home I use a walker with hand brakes and a seat. I had been paralyzed from the waist down for 5 years and living in a nursing home 5 years. I need exercise. But it's very painful for me to stand more than a minute. Since the pandemic hit early in 2020 I could not find a reasonably priced bike of any kind.😱
I asked my neighbors let me know if they should come across any kind of bike. Well...this was the only bike offered. Brake & gear cables were cut. Front derailleur had been removed. Both tires were flat. Oh. And there was oil-based paint on the frame, crank, pedals, fork, seatpost... It was hopeless!! Part of me thought of it as a challenge. That was a very small part. The rational, sane part knew it was a waste of time.
After researching the bike online using only my phone. I discovered that I didn't even know what the heck a bottom bracket was! Or even where it was! I read about things I had never heard of again and again. I thought... I've got a lot of learning to do! By the way, I will be 60 in 8 days. I accepted the challenge then. So I had something to occupy my brain through the Winter. And I love to learn new things all the time. I survive on Disability, which isn't much at all. But I was certain that I could figure out a way to get this project completed somehow. I even had to buy tools as needed. To fast forward a bit, I think it's been a great experience! I have a few tools now. And even a reason to use them. I have learned quite a bit these past few months. Honestly, I'd rather learn as I go along, with hands on rather than to get an expensive bike - or even a frame - and then learn from a major mistake. First, I can't afford to replace it. Second, I don't need a better bike because all I'm going to do is take short rides. And I will likely take a few falls.
I was recently told by my doctor that I have a cyst or a tumor on the pituitary gland. Yes, in my brain. I haven't been able to work on my bike - or do anything else - for at least a month now. It took this long to reply because I can't remember any passwords. I lost one Gmail account and Contacts, Photos, Calendar info... Everything!! I just got back into this Bike Forums Account today. I am suffering from memory loss. And I hope to have a surgery to have the tumor removed in late February or sometime in March. For now, I can't do any bike work. But I expect to ride my bike again, still in 2021. I'll just be a bit behind schedule.
I rebuilt my first car engine at 14. That was a challenge!! But in this case I have already learned a lot. This is all the challenge I need. I still enjoy learning about the newer bikes. I think it's fascinating!
Anyway, no matter what happens it's been a fun journey. I bought this bike primarily for learning. And I sure have learned a lot so far. Basically, I paid for an education. And it was money well spent.
I hope to post pictures of my bike after I get it put back together. I only need one more tool before I start putting it together. I have all the parts I need. However, the memory loss, headaches, dizziness and other symptoms are getting in the way. So I'm taking a time-out. I will meet both challenges now. And I will show you guys my complex project. Soon.
Thanks to all of the Bike Forums members for all the conversations I read and learned so much from. By the way, I have never used Google so much before! But looking back, I think I did good.😄
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