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Originally Posted by Bent Bill View Post
Well I can speak with experience about BENTS
I have ridden them quite a bit and no matter what style of a bent a person rides
They all have at least one sucky issue or more !
LWBs and SWBs are not stable at slower speeds and riding uphill is a real pain

Tadpole bents have numerous issues
1. I dont like being on eye level with a German Shepherd

2. I dont like being on eye level with the hubcaps of a 4x4 pickup

3. front end width on a tadpole is not conducive to narrow spaces such as a lot of mups

4. visibility is limited both for a rider or a car driver

5. Its real hard to jump a curb or bail off if need be (actually more or less impossible)

6. All bents are a PITA to transport in or on a vehicle compared to a "DF"

And last but not least there are a lot of complaints over on
About sore necks ,sore sweaty backs sore butts and numb arms just like on a DF bike
You must just skip past them posts over there ?
Bents are not the living room "sofa" for everybody contrary to what some people claim

I could go on and on but I think I made a few points
Having ridden a LWB bent since 2005 I can tell you that I can ride an almost perfect straight line at 3 or 4 mph. BTW pickups like mine haul any kind of a bike or trike quite well.
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