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Originally Posted by Wilmingtech View Post
Any updates since this last post? I just bought the same bike (EX with mech Ultegra instead of the DI2, same frame) I am excited to ride it and see how it feels. It was a great price for a full carbon/ultegra bike. Just wondering how many rides you have gotten in and if the love is still there

I'll post some pics of my bike when it comes in. I literally just bought it yesterday and waiting for it to ship. There will be a list of things to swap out for me which should keep me busy enough till next spring. After the seat/post the first thing will be wheels and a slightly bigger cogset in the back (30t). Then onto carbon in the cockpit and upgading to hydraulic brakes.

I'll see if we can keep this thread going as I make changes and it'll be a reference for this obscure bike.

I bought the same model too. Put on HYRDs, a carbon seatpost and ordered an 11-36 cassette and found a $5 derailer cage I can swap. Bought a pair of 28c GP 4000's to swap out the terrible stock tires. Also bought some 650b's for gravel - I can fit 1.9's in the front and at least 1.5's in the back, probably 1.6's which are rare, and maybe 1.75's at low pressure
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