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Originally Posted by Ironfish653 View Post
Not really Any specific bike, but some things that make trailer pulling easier;
Wider tires and higher spoke counts; Any trailer is going to add some weight to the back wheel, and in tight turns on and on uneven surfaces, can give a little lateral push to the back end.
Good Brakes; Hydraulic disks are nice, but not a necessity. Even cable pull rim brakes will do fine, especially if you install better pads.
A triple crank is nice if you have big hills, and your budget hybrid might not be equipped with a 42t cassette.
You can pull a kiddie trailer with just about any kind of bike, but if you’re planning on doing any real distance, with any sort speed, I’d steer away from comfort bikes, and more towards ‘performance’ oriented hybrids. I’m not totally familiar with the bikes you’re shopping, but usually the ‘trail’ version does a little better as a tug than the road-oriented ‘fitness’ version.
Thanks for the info. I ended up going the road route instead of a hybrid or another mountain bike. I bought a Jamis Satellite Sport. It does have a triple crank, I'm not sure how wide of tires it can fit. It comes with Vittoria Zafirro 700x25c.
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