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Originally Posted by Carlosss View Post
I know I am probably overthinking it, but the problem is there are 39 riders trying to qualify for the top 12 spots that go on for the match sprint rounds, and I know there will be plenty of 11s and even a couple of 10s in there. I wanna get in that top 12 to get race experience 1on1 sprinting. If I don't, my competition will be done after the flying 200 So if I can do anything to save a 0.1-0.2 of a second, I will do it. Realistically though the chances of going through are very slim...

I have had the chance to follow faster more experienced rider every now and then and that did help a lot to learn the proper line--at least in my local 250m wooden indoor velodrome (Derby). I will be racing in Manchester though.

That was very interesting

I have too noticed that in smaller gears I gas out sooner and by the end of the 200m I struggle more.

Don't know about you guys but personally going high up the bankings around the corners in the windup always seems to tire me out. So I've been doing the slow path to the fence kinda thing, only staying at the fence around the corners for the final lap. I think my only issue is that sometimes I try to save too much energy and get too slow to the final back straight and then I lose about 1 km/h in max speed, specially with bigger gears. At the moment I was contemplating to go for 49/13 (102") but like you said if I make sure to to get to the final back straight a few km/h faster and get of the gas as usual around corner 4, I think 51/13 (106") could work out better. Maybe I could even get up to 125 RPM and get a big PR If I go for 49/13 I would have to get to around 130 RPM for a big PR. Mmmm...
Are you doing BUCS?

For the future, there are some sprint clinics coming up in Derby over the next few months, why don't you get yourself signed up onto one of them? Black Line Coaching Click on Group Clinics.
Also, the Swinnerton sprint sessions start up again in the new year.
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