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Originally Posted by ColonelSanders View Post
I physically picked up a 2015 7.4 FX size 17" at a Trek dealer a few days ago to see how heavily it was and I was shocked at how light it was.

From putting together bits and pieces of what I've read, I suspect it was probably around 23 pounds, and if so, I struggle to imagine how light a 16 pound bike would feel.

If anyone has actual weights of their FX, I'd be keen to see them posted in this thread.
I have a 15" 7.4 FX WSD and while it isn't heavy, I don't think it's light either I suspect around 28 lbs, but I haven't put it on a scale. The kickstand I added does add quite a bit of weight so I might remove that.

My bike is mostly all stock except for the cranks, which I customized to ultra-short 153 mm cranks with a lower-geared chain rings Best decision I ever made, as I am a very short person (5'2) and these cranks are at least 5x more comfortable and usable than my old 170s, no kidding. Although I do wish I had bigger gears (the stock chain rings had slightly higher gearing than what I have now).
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