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Originally Posted by marimorimo
My bike is mostly all stock except for the cranks, which I customized to ultra-short 153 mm cranks with a lower-geared chain rings Best decision I ever made, as I am a very short person (5'2) and these cranks are at least 5x more comfortable and usable than my old 170s, no kidding. Although I do wish I had bigger gears (the stock chain rings had slightly higher gearing than what I have now).

If you still have the original crank, you might be able to just swap the rings (assuming the new crank has the same bot pattern). I may go back to the higher gearing as I lose weight myself, which is part of the reason I went with the same model crank. However, if you don't have the old rings, it is generally just as expensive to replace 3 rings as it is to get a brand new crank with the rings that you want.. I don't know why, but it seems to be the case.
Your other option would be to get a new rear cassette with smaller gears -- that would get your gear ratios back to where they were before, and cassettes tend to be cheaper than crank rings.
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