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Originally Posted by ColonelSanders View Post
A review I read of the 2014 7.4 FX Disc model, said it was 25 pounds, so once you take away the weight for the disc brakes and the non-carbon fork, I figured it would be close to 23 pounds.
To check, I weighed my 15" 7.4 FX WSD yesterday without the kickstand but with all sensors and an empty saddlebag. 12 kg, or 26.5 lbs. Even with the sensors and saddlebag I think 100% stock might be a bit heavier still because I changed my outer ring to aluminum (originally steel) and lost the chain guard. The stock chainrings plus cranks and chain guard are significantly heavier than what I have now.

Originally Posted by yashinon View Post
I think Trek should have added a lighter handlebar. The ISOZONE is rather chincy IMO. I am interested in learning about the cranks.
If you subscribe to the theory that proportional length cranks are better for performance, you can either lengthen or shorten you cranks. Shorter cranks are almost non-existent so I had to order customized ones from Mark at Bikesmith. In my case, 170 mm cranks were difficult for me to push climbing and accelerating-my legs burned even after short efforts. Once I changed to short 153 mm cranks, I could accelerate faster and the unbearable burning went away like magic (I still got tired as my strength and skills are garbage but no more burning in the legs.)

I theorize that shorter cranks are most helpful for shorter riders or people with range of motion issues while normal/taller people are well-served by the currently available crank lengths.

Originally Posted by mcmoose View Post
Your other option would be to get a new rear cassette with smaller gears -- that would get your gear ratios back to where they were before, and cassettes tend to be cheaper than crank rings.
That's a good idea! I'll try it

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