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3 Month F/U With The Outbound Road Edition

Just finished my third month with the Outbound Lighting Road Edition and thought I would just share a few thoughts. Please note that it is the middle of the three lights in these photos. The others are the gigantic Cygolite Trion 1300 (to the left when viewed from the front) and the Ceco F1000 (right). I do some long rides sometimes and so I do occasionally carry all three. I am a bit of a redundancy freak. I do have two functioning Road Edition batteries now, though, so I really don't need those other lights at this point. Oh well.

Materials are mostly magnesium, ABS, and silicone. The head is super light, at about 100 gms, which is great. It tends to stay in place over bumps because of this, as long as you snug it up well. The mount is a wide and farily thick stretchy rubber compound, so you can fit it to whatever size/shape bars you ride. Mine are the oversized/aero type. It's no problem. Does not appear fragile in the least. Seems solid. With the battery pack, total weight comes to 416 gms. The light as measured is 110 lux and somewhere in the 1500-1800 lumen range, depending on how that measurement is done, according to Outbound. Personally, I pay more attention to beam profile and lux, but that's just me. From my experience with a bunch of 1000-plus-lumen lights, I would say those numbers are all probably about on the money. Run times go from 2.6 hrs. on full blast to 12 hrs. on low. If you want to do the daytime flash thing, that is also an option. Not sure of runtime for that, but probably forever would be my guess. I usually use it on what is called Adaptive Mode, which starts out on high and then gradually lowers output as your eyes get used to the dark. It works great for me. Very clever. Adaptive will go for 3.6 hrs. Charge time from fully drained to fully charged is 4.5 hours, so you have to plan ahead. Just get in the habit of plugging it in as soon as you finsih a ride. The battery is an LG. I did have some issue with the connection on my first battery. Matt at Outbound was great and sent me another one, no issues. Problem solved. Somehow, now the first one works, too. No idea. There was a bit of a delay on the second battery, due to the COVID-19 China situation, but that's not on Matt.

Likes? Well, for one, I really like the great big power/mode change button. It took me a little while to figure out just how to use it, but it is easy to engage even with big gloves on--a big improvement over lots of other lights with their tiny buttons. Big help here, where I need gloves much of the year. It is easy to switch modes while riding with gloves. I used to have to stop and take a glove off with some of my lights.

The main thing I am enjoying about the light is the beam pattern. It is super-spacious. Wide, wide. with good throw. Comparing it to the extremely bright 1300-lumen Trion 1300, the riding experience is just completely different. Despite its output, the big Cygolite is still more like riding in a tunnel, a big cone, of illumination, with vast darkness and a big void on either side. The Road Edition totally eliminates this. There is light spread way out to either side, which I greatly appreciate. I always felt stressed that something in that void was going to suddenly pop into view at the last second and with no time to react. Car. Cyclist. This used to happen with animals, especially--bunnies, deer. Has happened with coyotes once or twice. Can be scary and dangerous.

Now, I see those bunnies and deer way before they are on my MUP or in the street. It is a big safety improvement for me, no doubt.

The best way I can describe what it's like to ride the Road Edition compared to my other lights is that older lights feel and behave like bike lights--it's a light tunnel, a cone, limited. Sometimes stressful as a result. The Road Edition feels like I am driving in a car. It is like a car headlight, except you are on your bike. That's the best way I can think to describe it. The color is better and everything is laid out before you. No worries about missing something. It is just a very pleasant experience riding in the dark with this light. Much more relaxing. I must admit, the overall experience puts all my other lights pretty much to shame. Oh well. I guess I can use them as flashlights or something.

It rains all the time here. I have been out on 5 and 6 hour rides in big-time rain. Zero issues. The battery seems well protected, as are the connectors and the head. If you ride long distances at night, as I sometimes do, I would advise getting a second battery pack, then you can easily go all night.

The Road Edition has a cutoff, like a car headlight does. I no longer find myself irritating other riders/drivers, as I used to. I realize that there are folks here on the forum who do not care if their lights annoy others and that is fine. But I do, and so, this is a big step up in that regard for me.

Matt at Outbound has been very responsive via email and I have appreciated this.

Gripes? Well, I paid $215 for mine. Happy to do it and would do it again, but obviously, if you are strictly looking to save cash, this is not the light for you. Still, I think it is a very good value given how superior the product is--in my view. I believe pricing has come down a bit, so you should check, if interested. Second, I would in an ideal universe have maybe just a bit more throw. Maybe just a few more feet. But I have figured out how to sort of angle the head just so and I am more than happy with the current setup.

So, that's about it. One of the best purchases I have made in recent years. Really couldn't be much happier. If you are looking at higher end headlights, you might read about it and see what you think. Sometimes, you buy this gear and you are disappointed. This time, it really worked out.

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