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bpcyclist excellent and thorough review, sir! The light however has "only" 1500 lumens emitted from the LED chip, so probably 1200-1400 lumens out the front on the road (after ineviteble losses due to reflector and lens). But still more than plenty, since it is properly distributed! I am glad you don't regret buying a cut-off light, since amongst others i talked you into buying one (or tried to convince you of the qualities of such a light).

Originally Posted by noglider View Post
A few years ago, I was not willing to spend real money on lights. Then as I was dissatisfied with the lights I bought, I incrementally increased the amount I spent, and each time I spent more, I realized it was worth it.[...]
Originally Posted by bpcyclist View Post
[...]But this light, clearly on the expensive side when compared to other basic headlights, has really changed the riding experience for me. And I do think it is providing a bit of a safety advantage as a result. Onward!
With good lights, one can't often understand how such a lot of money is worth every penny, unless one tries and experiences the difference. For me that meant my riding frequency in the dark time of the year increased a lot, because it is nearly as comfortable as during daylight.

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