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Originally Posted by noglider View Post
Does anyone have any idea how much more a shaped beam costs to make than a round one? I realize the design takes some engineering and that is a cost. I'm not sure if manufacture has extra cost. ...
I have no data, I am largely guessing. But people were making shaped beams in the era of sealed beam headlamps before the first computers were ever built. Those basically had a parabolic reflector and tiny little lenses molded into the glass lens. So it is not that hard to make or even to design. And just as important or perhaps more important, to make a light that looks cool for the style conscious bicyclist is another issue. To make it small and look cool, that could take more effort. But with computer aided design and manufacturing tools, should cost very little.

I even had some nice incandescent lights that took 2 C cells or four AA cells with good shaped beams before those lights were displaced by more modern LED lights.

I paid about $5 for the light in the photo, shipped from asia and shipping took a month. That low price was because I bypassed the retail and distributor markups here in USA. Powered by USB cable without an internal battery pack. This one has a flashlight type of round beam but in this era of automated manufacturing, I can't imagine that adding a shaped lens to it like the old days with sealed beams would be that tough to do. This is the light that I take with me on bike tours where I use my S&S bike because this light will easily strap on with an elastic if I need it.

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