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Originally Posted by Tourist in MSN View Post
I have two B&M headlamps, an Luxos U and an IQ-XS. I agree that they were well designed, but with the automated manufacturing in use today, almost everything is built with high precision compared to decades ago. I think you are giving it more credit than really due.

I could be wrong but I think the main reason that they shine the light down and back to the reflector instead of the classic way with parabolic lens is to avoid non-reflected light from shining forward where it could shine above the cutoff.

Everything to do with LEDs has been amazing over the past decade or so.
I hear ya and I agree in many respects. That said, I do not personally believe that just plopping a few super-bright Crees in a housing and firing away really qualifies as much of a bicycle headlight engineering feat at all, at least, not in 2020. Just my personal take.
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