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Bikes: too many of all kinds

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An hour and a half? Got a reader's digest version????
Maybe you should tell people its only 30 minutes long
(plus an hour of scenery).

good video about e-doping. ;-)

I can (sofar) nalways tell ebikes, because the cadence is so slow compared to their speed. I custom built my bike (in 2013) for a cadence of 100rpm (at cruising speed of 25mph). No one knows it is an ebike. (Its a specialized, and was built shortly before the first specialized ebike was released and the stupid price of $7,000). Of course with some more low powered road bikes that is starting to change as you mentioned.

I use it for commuting. Love to ride for fun without e-assist. Fortunately I can find rides that match my pace, and so far don't really get dropped - so far at least.

Never used ebike for a group ride - that just gets too controversial. I have thought about it, but I would get dropped if I had an ebike - they don't have the top end.

Ebikes are great for recovery days, when I want to bike commute.

ebikes are great for motorpacing - we use one in our indoor velodrome. I hate the fumes from a 2stroke (in our outdoor velodrome). Last thing I want when I'm at my limit is to breath CO2!!! An ebike is better than a car or 2stroke engine any day.

100 watts sounds like a nice boost, but when your bike weighs 2x or 3x more, it kinda kills some of the advantage.

yep, Track bikes - on the track
and gravel bikes - on mixed surface rides
those are good purchases.
(our gravel is often smoother than our paved roads).

Too bad you had to turn around when you got to the gravel.
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