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Originally Posted by Rides4Beer View Post
I don't know anyone who runs 60psi offroad. I don't even run that much pressure when I'm riding my gravel bike strictly on the pavement and I'm 84kg. Looks like barely any improvement at 30psi, which is a much more reasonable offroad pressure. Doesn't seem worth the cost to me, but glad you like it.
yes it was just for the sake of testing (I wanted to now how much Lauf Grit helps when the tire is stiff). And I like it but after I lowered the tire pressure and put a shockstop stem to allievate the bounciness of the fork itself.

Originally Posted by gus6464 View Post
I found it to springy for my tastes. Rode it side by side to the Fox AX and found the Fox is better for me because you can tune for weight plus compression and rebound.
Yes, it feel springy because it uses a springs But like I said the more weight you put on the handlebar the more suspension like it feels. And I am looking forward to the possibility to test something like Fox AX and compare the vibrations reading with Lauf fork. It could be very interesting and who knows, maybe I will switch Lauf for AX like you did
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