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Originally Posted by Fangowolf View Post
So what would it do with 300 lbs on the bike?
It would be out of warranty as the fork is rated to 225 lbs. or so I believe.

I am a recent convert to the lauf Grit as a gravel fork when on rough stuff. It is incredible at keeping the tire in contact with the surface, absorbing moderate hits, damping washboard, etc. so you can go A LOT FASTER on decents and stay comfortably in control. I have used a ShockStop as well (separately) and found the Lauf to be more effective as it keeps the impacts from even hitting the frame, not just your bars and tha dampens a lot more for riding comfort. The Lauf also is far better at keeping the tire in contact with the road surface than the shockstop which is a huge advantage in fast gravel riding. And on smooth pavement there is no disadvantage to the lauf as well (other than a bit of extra weight). It has no bob when accelerating and is incredibly comfortable... The older and more brittle your bones, the more the Lauf makes sense; you 20 somethingers will have no idea what I am talking about until you are in your fifties however.
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