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I actually really love this bike, but I know reviewers say it is not a real mountain bike. I am not into doing any very dangerous mountain biking that involves actually climbing up mountains, no mountains no where near me. I use this bike mainly for dirt, gravel, hills or grassy paths. I don't use it for climbing up any extremely steep or dangerous hills and I don't go launching it in the air like you will see riders do in videos. I want an easy, relaxing and enjoyable country ride in the woods enjoying the scenery and giving myself a decent cardio workout. I will interchange between this bike and a hybrid and they both can ride on the same gravel and dirt paths. I will ride this bike when it is muddy out and rained or it is raining very lightly outside and I don't want get my Trek FX 2 Hybrid muddy, dirty, and wet.

It has Kendra tires and Shimano Shifters... at least it says shimano. Shifting has been good and 5 years had the bike can't say had any serious issues shifting, unlike a huffy bike I threw away before I bought this one from a co-worker 5 years ago. It has nice front suspension. She did say her husband did upgrades on the bike, but can't remember what he upgraded. It is a Frontier Schwinn MTB.

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