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205 miles on my Schwinn.

Not my Continental though, my 3 speed coaster brake road bike, 1988 Schwinn Premis.

Tommy Godwin is the most bad ass human to ever throw a leg over a bicycle IMO, he rode 75,065 miles in 1939. An average of 205 miles a day. His 2 bikes both had sturmey archer internally geared hubs. His biggest day in 1939 was June 21st 361 miles, the longest day of the year. So me putting down my longest ride on the same day as his longest ride, on a sturmey archer equipped bike, and matching his daily average was pretty cool for me, tying together a personal best along with celestial alignment and matching some KICK ASS historical ride info to boot. The hub on this bike blew up last weekend, and it was a real pain in the ass to track down replacement parts and get the bike sorted for this ride, I'm super glad I was able to pull it all together, because it had to happen *TODAY*!!!!!! I also painted the rims green while I had the rear wheel apart anyway.

I built this 3 speed with the dream of riding my fist double century on it, then I realized that putting in the extra 5 to equal Tommy's daily average for 1939 made a lot of sense, I did name the bike Tommy after all. I had planned to ride the Davis Double, as its sort of flat, 8,000' of climbing, but it of course got cancelled...

Tommy avoided hills as much as possible for his record attempt as they slow you down :-P I'm sure he could smash them, but not when trying to set the year record. When I planned this route with Google it came back at 9,400' of climbing, a bit more than I wanted but not too bad spread over 205 miles... But, Nestooka river road was closed when I got there, so I had to take the detour on bald mountain road and there was no cell signal to check the details on it, I just went for it, it ended up adding almost 5000' more climbing to the round trip, as my first gear is not very low, bike is geared 46/20, with a %25 reduction for 1st gear which makes the low gear 46/25 effectively, I spent probably 4 hours out of the saddle today, and on the way home from the coast my left knee started hurting, I presume from so much standing while pedaling time. I love to stand, and do it a lot, but today was just so much. Stopping and massaging my knee made the pain go away, for ~20 minutes, stop, massage, ride 20 min, repeat. I was way slower than I wanted today, got murdered on most of the strava segments, but it was certainly a beautiful l day out.

I think my knee would have been fine had I been on my carbon road bike, I think it would also have been fine if I only climbed 9,400' instead of 14k.

I also want to get rid of the 175mm cranks for some 170's, this bike could use some more pedal clearance too.

I did raise my stem about an inch for this ride, I figured with 14 hours on the bike a "french fit" wouldn't be a bad idea!

Here are some more pics,

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