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Originally Posted by mrv View Post
no front brake? i'm a worry wart. i run a front brake when i set up anything with a coaster brake.
No front brake, I know its a bit risky, I may add a front brake, but it really would change the whole dynamic of the bike, having to use the coaster makes you have to think about foot position so much more. One thing that is certainly different is that you need to keep the cranks level while descending so that you still have decent braking power, I'm obviously used to hard cornering with the outside pedal down, there were some really good corners on yesterday's ride and there was just a bit of unease getting the bike properly tipped in with the cranks level.

Originally Posted by mrv View Post
nice to see a lovely old Schwinn in use.
It turned up in the "frame doesn't fit pass it around" thread, Mad Honk sent it to me for the cost of shipping, paint was in bad shape, I sandblasted it and repainted it with 2K paint. This is a made in Chicago Schwinn too, and it's actually my first Schwinn, it's a great addition to the herd :-)

Originally Posted by mrv View Post
I'm hoping to set up an old Miyata 1000 with a 2 speed kick back. debating if I should go coaster or reuse my MAFAC racers. Probably i'll use the MAFACs.
That would be a great one! I'd be tempted to go with the Mafac's so braking and shifting are mixed into the same backpedal motion.

Originally Posted by jjames1452 View Post

What an accomplishment!

I too have come to appreciate SA internally geared hubs. My winter bike and commuter is a two speed kickback.

Again, awesome!!
Thanks! I've been a big fan of SA hubs since the late 80's, I was only 15 then, but even at a young age I could see how cool they were :-)

Originally Posted by madpogue View Post
I see one.
The pic with the ocean in the background? Thats writing on the yellow tape, the only cable on the bike is for the 3 speed shifter.

Originally Posted by USAZorro View Post

I rode that distance in a day once when I was 20. Only about 3,500 feet of climbing that was involved on that ride - and was on a bike with 10 speeds. I was completely spent and very saddle sore at the end of it. My hat is off to you!
Thanks! All the time out of the saddle climbing did at least save my butt a bit.

Originally Posted by smontanaro View Post
Very nice. What kind of training beforehand got you ready for 205 miles and 14k feet of climbing?
I'm a fairly casual rider in that I ride when I can and don't sweat it too much when I can't. Preferably I like to ride 6-7 hours a weeks or so, 500 miles a month or so, if I get that much time on the bike I feel I can get after big rides like this without too much worry about being fit enough. I burn a lot of calories when I work too though, which is no substitute for cycling, but its a lot more than nothing. I don't feel I spend a lot of time on the bike, but the time I do spend on the bike is fairly high intensity. I don't have a heart rate monitor nor a power meter, I feel I'm pretty good at recognizing how hard my body is working and can set the throttle appropriately to not blow myself up on longer rides as long as I know the mileage and the elevation change, this ride of course ended up having ~5,000 more climbing than I planned for, but I rode the first century easy enough and was doing the math that well before I got to my turn around point I knew I was in for a 14,000 day, not 9,000, I was feeling tough, so just kept on pedalling. More climbing than I wanted but it makes for some impressive ride stats now that it's done :-P

I'm 46 and weigh ~163 fwiw, I'm a bit new to road biking but have done a lot of MTB in my life and have always been active since I was a child.

I actually had not been on the bike much for the last 3 weeks, certainly more rest time than I would have liked, but I've had some really good results starting long rides from long rest periods, so I just went for it. I did have a buddy on standby as a car rescue if needed, there was no cell signal for many miles in the middle portion of the ride though, D'oh!

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