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Originally Posted by surak View Post
It seems that you misunderstand me when I say the Garmin FTP estimate is arbitrary. I have no issue with the theory of usingbest 20 min power to approximate FTP. But I wouldn't give someone a Garmin and tell them it has a feature that can estimate their FTP if they JRA without any ride protocol. That estimate is completely dependent on them riding under the right conditions to produce their best 20 min power, which is by definition arbitrary (seriously, look it up). And for anyone who doesn't have an idea of how to pace a 20 min full on effort (serious time trialists and hill climb specialists fit this description, not), it's either worthless or worse.
somebody who is worried about their 20 minute power numbers already knows it is going to take more than just riding around. However, in a race like a time trial a rider can go deep and not realize it changed their Ftp. I was doing some work at the velodrome and when I downloaded the data, I was surprised to find my 5 minute and 10 minute power bumped to my highest all year. At the time, it felt hard but not impossible. The next day my legs were so stiff I could hardly walk.
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