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Originally Posted by colnago62 View Post
Your correct, it does a little more.
Their wording seems odd and doesn't match my experience. For reference, this is what they're saying:

A new FTP estimate will only be generated outside of a guided FTP test if the following conditions are met:
  • FTP Auto Calculation is enabled (refer to your Owner's Manual)
  • Activity must include heart rate data from either a built-in optical heart rate sensor or from a chest strap
  • 95% of the average power for a 20-minute interval within the ride must be greater than the current FTP setting
  • The average power for that interval of time must be greater than the previous 20-minute power record.
...but the bolded parts of that seem to suggest it will only report a new FTP estimate, if it was higher than the last (unless I'm reading it wrong?)

But from experience, the FTP estimates I get can go up or down by a few points depending on how good (or not good) I have been feeling that day, which (again, unless I am reading it wrong), shouldn't be possible under those highlighted conditions?

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