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Originally Posted by DropBarFan View Post
Interesting find but what would be the intended use? From what I read, rinko bikes are designed for the rather unique needs of Japanese tourists who use trains & even so require more break-down/assembly than small-wheel folding bikes. Not sure but the saddle-handlebar distance looks a bit short.
Mainly, I just want a folder for times when I might want to travel with a bike without the hassle of boxing it or as a carry along on car trips. For CC touring it may also help with taking into hotel rooms if I can fold it into the bag and carry it like luggage. I have a road tourer, an off road tourer and now I'll have a folding tourer. I guess we'll just have to call it whimsy

I was mulling over making a normal bike into a rinko style bike for a while as yet another garage build project but the parts from Rene Herse, while beautiful, are very dear. I also couldn't see paying thousands for a limited use bike like a Bike Friday or a new Montague but for $200 I'll add one to the stable.

Forgot to add that I also got the nylon travel bag with the bike. It comes with a shoulder strap so you can walk through the airport/train station with it.

In a flurry of CC activity I've ordered a new cassette, stem and bag parts from Carradice
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