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I suspect it will not meet the 62 inch criteria most airlines use for oversize fees, and then you would need a case.

But it is nice to have a folder for things like you cite, to carry into a motel room, put in the car, etc. I have folded my folding bike simply because it would be easier to carry it up a winding stairway than carrying a full size bike up the stairway at a motel.

I do not know what criteria Canadian rail uses for folding bikes, but Amtrak in USA allows a folding bike to be carried on as one of your two allotted carry on pieces of luggage. And the Amtrak size criteria for folding bikes is very generous, the size can be larger than normal carry on luggage size. I have not traveled on rail with my folder, but have considered it.

From the photo I could not see any fender or rack mounting points on the fork. But if you packed light weight or just used it for credit card touring, that would not be a problem.

I store my folding bike in my truck.

I got MKS EZY pedals for my folder, I can remove the pedals from the crank without tools. They are not cheap, but they made my folder much easier to pack into a smaller package. But if you do not pack it often, a pedal wrench makes more sense.

I would have happily paid $200 CAD for that bike, even though I really have too many bikes right now.
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