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Originally Posted by Juan Foote View Post
Here is man pretending like we can control "nature"**. This bug is out. It's mutating. It appears that all we are doing by running around with masks is setting ourselves a future pandemic reoccurrence.

I know there are tons of analogs comparing this to the flu in various ways. We realize we can't stop the flu. There isn't a cure for a flu. It mutates too much to even make the "vaccine" we pretend we have from being more effective than a tic tac most of the time....

The sooner that we come to the conclusion that no leader, no mask, no social distancing is actually going to STOP this. Allow it to run it's course. People will die. Hospitals will be full. And then all the ones who are left are stronger for it. It sucks, but it's natural selection at work. We can get back to the business of life.

**in no way shape of form is this an admission that this virus occurred naturally
Would you have used that same argument for Polio, Measles etc?

Turns out many who survive Covid sustain permanent damage so they’re not ‘stronger’ as you postulate.
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