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Just a general comment for those that are asking volume when packed, time to pack, etc., folding bikes like that can take only a few minutes to significantly reduce the size. But the saddle is still on the seatpost, seatpost still in the frame, handlebars still attached, etc. The other extreme is to pack it down in size as small as possible for airline travel in a small box or case. It takes me almost as long to put my folding bike in my S&S case as it would take me to pack my S&S bike. That involves removing racks, water bottle cages, fork, etc. To get my folder into my S&S case, I also have to remove both crank arms. But to make that first fold that significantly cuts down in size for carrying up a stairway or to carry onto mass transport, only a few minutes. So there is no easy single answer.

If anybody is curious, my folder is at this link, the second photo shows it after about three minutes of downsizing.

But it takes over an hour to get it into the S&S case, then it looks like the photo at this link:

So, it really is a question of how much disassembly you want to do and how small you need it to be, because there are lots of answers depending on your goals for how compact it really needs to be.

I store my folder in a fabric soft sided bag in my truck, that takes maybe 8 minutes, for that it looks like it does in the photo above where it is leaning against a motel room wall, but the pedals also removed, seatpost removed, and steerer tube extender removed from fork. All of this requires no tools.
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