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Originally Posted by phughes View Post
Okay... I am very aware of the conditions in Manila. I have been there, have many friends there, and I actually like the city, though I prefer Cebu. Now, once again, no one has said anything negative about Manila, and no one became, "an ugly American."

Your reasons to do what you did to your bike are very valid, people all over the world do the same thing. People in New York do it. People in Miami do it. People in small towns do it. The only thing anyone here has said, is that your bike doesn't look enough different from the way it did, to deter anyone from stealing it. It still looks basically the same.
Never liked the city. The locals, even the police are quite hospitable, friendly, and trusting of foreigners like you! But among each other, people and police are only nice if you look like a rich or middle class person.

Sadly, that attitude also applies to the road. If you look like a poor rider or a motorist driving an old beater car, you'll get bullied on the road, unless you have blonde hair and over 6 ft tall! So this "uglify" project might make my life worse on the road. Although I try to wear nice looking clothes and wash them clean after every ride, regularly clean my helmet too. So I don't look like a poor rider!

The love of money is like a cancer to society. Once taking root, death is the only cure. It's what ruined my country don't let it happen to yours!
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