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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
I don't think the "ugly American" comment was directed at you. You're taking the op seriously and giving a reasonable opinion on why you don't think this effort succeeded, that's actually potentially helpful.

What's not helpful is calling the guy a troll, a sock, and accusing him of joking because God forbid anyone would have a reason for wanting their bike to be funny looking and ugly.. There's a real "ugly American" theme there-- he's got concerns that aren't the same as mine, therefore he must be full of it. People should knock that off. Again, you have not done that at all, but a bunch of posts in this thread do.

I'm learning a lot about bicycling in op's context from his posts, if people aren't interested in that or can't realize that cultural context is important, how about they just skip the thread rather than insulting op and his admittedly weird-looking bike.
Thanks. Yes, I know the, " ugly American" comment wasn't directed at me. What I took issue with, was the comment being made at all, to anyone. THe comment was made before anyone knew where the OP lived. For all I knew, the OP lived in Illinois, or Iowa. The comment has no place int his thread, and served no purpose. The comments made by some were not helpful, but to automatically call them out as being in some way racist is ridiculous, and in fact, the only racist, or perhaps nationalist, comment made, was the comment about ugly Americans. Once again, it has no place here. BTW my wife is not "American," and is from Asia.

Yes, I agree, the technique has merit, and is very creative. I just think the OP did not make the bike look old enough. That being said, it is his bike, and if he is happy with the results, that is all that counts. I think the technique could be used to really age a bike, and camouflage it. I like the idea a lot.

So my thought is, let's stay on topic, and leave the race baiting out of it. We are all bicyclists, and people.
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