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Originally Posted by Pop N Wood View Post
BTW WTF is a sock?

As in spunk sock?

Yeah, enjoy your life.

It has been 40 years since I was in Manila. Maybe things have changed, hopefully for the better. Cubewheels doesn't need me to stick up for him, he seems to know who he is. From the posts I have read he is guy who uses his bike for basic transport and is rightly proud of it.

As for ugly American, not everyone in the world has the same experiences as us in the US. The guy who suggested the Brompton did so with good intent and in a helpful manner, but I got the impression he had no idea the OP was in Manila. This means he had no idea what a $2k+ USD bike means in term of average yearly income or threat of carjacking.

All I really wanted you trolls to do is go back and read some of his posts. Seems like cubewheels has the right attitude.
Once again, no one mentioned location until you did. Your comment was uncalled for. As for the trolls, yes, they were rude. Call them out for that without reading into their comment. There was absolutely zero mention of his location, and his location isn't shown on the upper left in his profile as shown on his post. In other words, you may have known where he was from, but I didn't, nor did anyone else most likely. People trolled him just as they would troll anyone else. Your comment about ugly Americans was the only comment that was distasteful in regards to location or racial stereotypes, and was uncalled for.
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