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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
Don't think "ugly American" is race baiting , rather it's a reference to an ugly attitude towards other cultures that may or may not have been at play here. I did go back and see that OP didn't mention where he was from in this thread, I had remembered it from another thread and it blurred in my mind, so yeah maybe going right to it was a mistake.

I still find this "find the troll" crap (which you haven't engaged in) to be really obnoxious, and a lot of times it really boils down to class or cultural snobbery --disbelief that there's people who live/ride "like that".

OP mentioned in his first post on this thread that he was dealing with riding around street gangs. That should have been enough for people to realize he's dealing with stuff beyond the experiences of most of the people who post here.

OP doesn't need me to "defend" him. In another thread, he described what he has to go through just to get an hour's ride. I suspect he's a lot tougher than the keyboard patrol guys posting here.
Yeah, I think that is part of why I even mentioned anything about the comment. The OP doesn't need someone else to defend him. Doing so seems a bit condescending.
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